Manage your entire business through a
single system


Manage your entire business through a single system

Over time, the threads running through your organization may become tangled. The software that worked fine in the early days isn’t the right fit now. Our job is to decipher where the tangles are and to empower you to fix them with NetSuite.

We start by getting to know you and your organization. We seek to understand the good things you are committed to accomplishing, and the realities that are getting in the way.

Once we have defined your goals and designed the right path for you and your software, we activate our team of experts to make sure your NetSuite software is seamlessly integrated and brought to life.

The Benefit to You - A Single Business System

NetSuite is a single business system in the cloud that allows you and your organization to run your entire business, from accounting, procurement, all the back office systems through sales, customer relationship management, and e-commerce websites

If you are a large global business, NetSuite scales and adjusts to organize and translate across multiple languages, currencies and
tax jurisdictions.


If you are a small business, NetSuite scales to serve you and your specific team how you need it to. It’s even great for a three-person start-up that wants to grow.

We unlock that potential for you.

How we do it

We pride ourselves on offering objective, independent advice that is the right fit for each client’s unique needs and goals.

Step 1 – Face to Face

Starting with a face-to-face stakeholder meeting, Business Fitness listens, and learns what is and isn’t working with your current ERP system.

Step 2 – The Plan

Then, we offer a plan to dramatically improve your system and business processes by delivering:

Best practices
Superior NetSuite insight and skills
An approachable, knowledgeable team that advocates for your needs

Our team is highly experienced at assessing your existing systems, and helping to maximize your investment in your business.

Step 3 – Ongoing Support

Our team of experts is unparalleled in the NetSuite ecosystem. We will become part of your internal NetSuite team.

Our team also establishes a periodic software release schedule, increases compliance to various industry regulations, and enhances systems for clients seeking to go public via IPO.

In other words, we make your tools work better.

“Having someone with the breadth of knowledge and expertise that an organization like Business Fitness brings can only bring benefits to a NetSuite system or organization.”

Will Reckling Director of IT, Grand Appliance and IT

Find out how we can help you drive your organization’s success.