Looking Back At 2020 – Why A New Blog For The NetSuite Community

“When you’re going through hell, keep going”
– Winston Churchill

Dave Hynek here –

With 2020 in the rearview mirror, please permit me to point out the obvious; it’s been a tough year for everybody. I think every one of us has received some heavy-duty emotional body blows during this past year of challenge. I certainly have.

However, it’s not been the same for all of us. In general, many of us in the NetSuite Ecosystem have been blessed. Much of that is precisely because our businesses run on NetSuite. We have state-of-the-art business instrumentation to navigate the stormy seas of Covid-19. Also, we can work from anywhere. We have the speed and agility to be highly adaptable. Again, that is such a blessing. Be sure to count that one during your quiet time.

We’ve started this Double Helix Blog to make for compelling and insightful reading for us in the NetSuite ecosystem. We hope that it will help you help others thrive. By doing that, you will very likely thrive. A virtuous cycle, if you will. Our tagline here at Business Fitness is that “We Weave NetSuite into the DNA of Your Business.” So we believe that “Double Helix” is a fitting name.

With so many things today vying for your time and attention, we will endeavor to earn your readership. I’m writing this together with my friend, Mike Metzger of Expert Outsiders. I’ve had the pleasure of reading Mike’s blog for a dozen years or so. Mike has a unique way of reframing things for people and organizations. In that way, you gain a widening lens: the ability to see the bigger picture.

As challenging as 2020 has been, and with no let-up in 2021 in sight, we need to have the discipline to find the positive things. For without gratitude, we will never find happiness and real prosperity. At Business Fitness, I can humbly tell you that we’ve continued our steady and sustainable growth. We’ve added a client a month since the start of the lockdown. Also, we’ve made accommodations for our clients who’ve been hit hard because of Covid-19.


Mike Metzger here –

Dave’s right that many in the NetSuite Ecosystem have done well this year, even with Covid-19. Much of this is due to being able to work from anywhere. It really is a blessing.

But not for all. Part of my role with Business Fitness – with its moniker of weaving NetSuite into the DNA of your business – is widening the lens. I say this because a healthy brain, one with a fully functional DNA, is narrowly focused (left hemisphere) yet widely vigilant (right hemisphere). I’m a right-brain thinker, so I widen the lens for business leaders, helping them see how, for example, Covid-19 has kicked the stuffing out of some communities that we might not be in touch with.

I’m talking specifically about how Covid-19 has disproportionately crushed Hispanic occupations and lives in the US. Upward of 80 percent of the Hispanic families in our town of Annapolis have lost work. What we’re seeing is a K-shaped recovery.

Most of us have experienced the upward stroke of the K. Hispanic families are experiencing a downward stroke. I’ve read about this online. But I felt it firsthand in the pop-up pantry that my wife Kathy and others pulled together for the Hispanic community. It put me in touch with Hispanic families living the downward stroke.

In touch can be working away at a keyboard. But it should also mean stocking a pantry. I urge you to do both. You’ll see first hand Damian Barr’s great observation of 2020 that he shared recently on Twitter. “We are not all in the same boat. We are all in the same storm. Some were in yachts, some rowing alone in small skiffs. Some would sail through, health and professions intact; others would lose both.”

Most of us are sailing through – thankfully. Others aren’t. As Dave and I weave NetSuite into the DNA of your business, I’ll keep widening your lens. I think you’ll enjoy seeing the bigger picture.