More SuiteScript Horsepower with NetSuite’s 2018.1 Release

Since I’ve started working with NetSuite in 2003, I’m constantly impressed with the continuous stream of new features and improvements that help companies be ever more effective.


Since Oracle purchased NetSuite, we see even greater platform acceptance and more interest than ever in the platform. NetSuite does a great job documenting all the improvements in the semi-annual release cycle through the release notes and a release preview test system.


Here’s what caught my eye with the 2018.1 release: NetSuite is adding a second queue for scheduled scripts. This upgrade doubles the horsepower for faster processing of scheduled scripts at no charge. Prior to this, additional queues had to be purchased via the SuiteCloud Plus module.


We are excited for everyone to benefit from the 2018.1 update. However, if your organization continues to have performance issues, contact us. Just last week, we fixed a performance issue for a new client who had been dealing with it for three years before working with our team. This was within 24 hours of us having our initial kick off meeting.


So, bring us your biggest scripting challenges – bring it on!