Exploring the World with NetSuite – Philippines

If you’ve worked with NetSuite for any amount of time, you’ll know that much of their technical support comes from the Philippines. This week, I’ve had a first-hand opportunity to work within Manila. It’s my first time in the Philippines and it’s been a wonderful, eye-opening experience.


Being from Wisconsin, smack dab in the middle of North America, it’s sometimes easy to think that world revolves around us. Obviously, it doesn’t.


No doubt some of those far-flung islands are pretty-remote, replete with real pirates and terrorist factions. However, I’m also now clued into some wonderful garden/vacation island must-see places. Having spent a few days in Manila, I’ve discovered that the US Dollar goes very far here.


At the risk of generalizing, I am struck by how many smart, empathetic, well-educated and engaged people I’ve met. This country is a very westernized. I am staying in Makati, which is the central business and upscale retail district of metropolitan Manila.


NetSuite has run their primary technical support from Manila for years. It seems that they have taken a page from Oracle, who was one of the first US-based software companies to invest heavily in the Philippines. As you’re probably aware, many technical support and help lines are located here and it’s easy to see why.


So, the next time you’re talking to someone in NetSuite support with a Spanish sounding name, you could very well be working with someone from the Philippines. While this is my first trip here, I am already looking forward to returning.