NetSuite for high-growth tech firms

The Business Fitness team are NetSuite subjects-matter experts who understand the intricacies of ERP systems. Whether in Milwaukee, Madison, or around the world, our team accurately diagnoses and solves complex issues. Most of all, Business Fitness implements the smartest solutions for our clients.


Most of all, Business Fitness accelerates our client’s success. Business Fitness leverages a forward-view of each organization’s needs and design business solutions that makes business flourish. Consider the Nordic story from Madison, Wisconsin…


In 2010 at their inception, the three founders met with Business Fitness about their new EHR consulting company internal system. Looking to their future rapid growth, Business Fitness recommended and installed a 3-user NetSuite system. The sophisticated solution supported the rapid growth from 3 people to over 850 today.  Business Fitness established the right system and grew the technology with size and scale which supports their continuing growth.