Customer Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence

For the past decade Riva has been known as a leader in synching data between email systems and CRM systems directly to Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, Gmail, Google Apps, IBM Notes and Domino, IBM SmartCloud Notes, IBM Verse, and Novell GroupWise. In addition to viewing the screenshots below, we invite you to check out our Riva demo videos. (Note that integration options may vary by CRM.)


“We are really at an inflection point in relation to the real value we provide, which is Customer Intelligence,” Lorenz explained.


Customer Intelligence (CI) refers to the process of gathering and analyzing information regarding customers, and their details and activities, to build deeper and more effective customer relationships and improve decision-making by vendors. This includes both quantitative and qualitative data.


By combining AI and CI companies are able to better and more rapidly understand specific insights for an account or opportunity. This is all done with a single click to relevance so that customer-facing teams can respond more accurately and fully to customers.


According to a study commissioned by Salesforce conducted in June, 2017 entitled “A Trillion-Dollar Boost: The Economic Impact of AI on Customer Relationship Management”, the majority of businesses currently working with or planning to use AI in the future, intend to put it to use for email marketing, sales forecasting, sales and marketing lead scores, and sales opportunity scoring.

AI and Riva

Riva currently provides CI through Riva Insight, which is a mashup of different data sources that is displayed directly within a user’s email. With the introduction of AI, we are now able to build cognitive analytics directly into the Riva platform allowing our customer’s access to this next-level, powerful analytical tool to immediately increase their win rate.


Riva is implementing Sia created by Opentopic using IBM Watson technology. “Ultimately, we are working toward providing the best tools in the market in combination with each other to be able to provide that level of customer intelligence that you can’t get now from one particular vendor or data source,” said Lorenz.


Sia was developed primarily to understand written or oral public conversations. Riva is working with Opentopic to expand that to what happens within the four walls of a business. Imagine Sia being able to access internal emails and notes in your CRM to provide the best chances of aligning with a customer’s true needs.


Sia has the ability to consume data and come back with observations about what it is learning and will be trainable, meaning you can teach it the information you want it to find. “We will be able to dial in the observations to help differentiate what customers are seeing,” said Lorenz.


Sia’s plug and play functionality begins offering Immediate ROI since it can be used right away.


“Essentially, it is a digital assistant,” noted Lorenz. “It’s like bringing on a new employee, a digital employee with the skills of a PhD.”


For Riva, this AI technology means being able to provide customers with significantly more value because it is providing tools to help clients make better sense of the information and data they are seeing and allows them to maintain deeper and more meaningful relationships with their customers. It means companies can know and understand their customer better while at the same time, creating customer loyalty.


So, if you’re ready to see the latest advances in artificial intelligence integrated through Riva utilizing any leading CRM tool, contact us today for a no-obligation web demo.


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