NetSuite Subject Matter Experts Working For You

The Business Fitness team are NetSuite subjects-matter experts who  understand the intricacies of ERP systems. The team accurately diagnoses and solves complex issues. Most of all, Business Fitness implements the smartest solutions for our clients.


Most of all, Business Fitness accelerates our client’s success. Business Fitness leverages a forward-view of each organization’s needs and design business solutions that makes business flourish. Consider the Nordic story…


In 2010 at their inception, the three founders met with Business Fitness about their new EHR consulting company internal system. Looking to their future rapid growth, Business Fitness recommended and installed a 3-user NetSuite system. The sophisticated solution supported the rapid growth from 3 people to over 850 today.  Business Fitness established the right system and grew the technology with size and scale which supports their continuing growth.


Business Fitness has been the go-to partner for Nordic’s NetSuite platform since its formation. As Nordic has grown from 3 users to over 800 employees, Business Fitness has been the subject matter advisor.

Eric Sampson, COO ,Nordic Consulting
We Enable Your Success

We help build more agile and successful organizations. Business Fitness has observed that many businesses rely on stone-age processes like using spreadsheets and emails. We invite you to join the modern-age of doing business.

We Automate the Boring

Business Fitness will automate the dull and boring activities, unlocking greater profitability, simplifying work, and making life more enjoyable. Business Fitness replaces basic time and expense tracking systems found in most ERP systems. Stop settling for basic systems that lack the flexibility, data feeds from all credit card, and travel management systems that are suboptimal.

We Are Your Advocates

We are your advocates, representing users of sophisticated NetSuite instances. Expect Business Fitness to openly share the best ideas for you, the client. Customers will receive objective and fair advice and Business Fitness will implement best-fit solutions.