The WerkSmart Methodology

Business Fitness helps sophisticated clients maximize their investment in their business systems.  For example, the company unlocks the power of NetSuite by fine-tuning and optimizing the system to implement smart change management tools, automating time and expense management and ensuring compliance to regulatory and organization standards. In other words, we make your tools work better.

Guiding every Business Fitness engagement is our WerkSmartTM methodology.  WerkSmartTM is our proprietary process to prioritize client needs and direct elegant software solutions.  Business Fitness has worked with NetSuite since it was known as NetLedger.  The team has worked with countless business scenarios and has the battle-tested experience and knowledge to take on challenging new projects.

The WerkSmartTM methodology is comprised of two parts:

Your Needs. Starting with a face-to-face stakeholder meeting, Business Fitness listens, understands what is and isn’t working with the ERP system.
Your Solution. Throughout our client engagement, Business Fitness delivers best practices, best tools, and a down-to-earth team to dramatically improve the system and business process.

Most commonly, Business Fitness focuses on working with existing business systems installations to address what’s not working or not optimal. Business Fitness improves change management processes, establishes a periodic software release schedule, increases compliance to various industry regulations, and enhances systems for client’s seeking to go public (IPO).

Count on Business Fitness and their WerkSmartTM methodology to deliver client-first solutions that make a difference and are easy to use. 

We have great experience in...

Here are some of many areas we are excellent in and in which we have many experience.

  • 95%
    Workflow documentation
  • 100%
    Time Tracking Automation
  • 75%
    Application Development
  • 85%
    On-site Consulting
  • 65%
    Integrated ERP eCommerce
  • 90%
    Training & education