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Intelligent & Hands-On

Business Fitness is a business refinery.

In the true sense of the word, we help refine our clients’ systems and processes. With our unique and seasoned perspective, we help build strong, more agile and efficient businesses. Since 2003, Business Fitness has applied best practices and a portfolio of cloud and mobile solutions, that when added to your business, will save you time and money. We help you smooth the rough edges of your business systems.

What do we mean by business refinery?

Just as an oil refinery processes crude oil and converts it into high-value products, Business Fitness refines your systems and process and increases the value of your company. As a company we apply best practices in cloud and mobile solutions to produce quick results.

Take, for example, the Madison, Wisconsin-based Nordic Consulting Partners. In 2010, it was a three-person, start-up, as a client of Business Fitness, our firm recommended and established a cloud-based ERP platform to support their high-growth plan. In seven years, the refined platform has enabled and supported their growth to a thousand employees doing business nationwide. By refining what they do and enhancing their processes and systems, Business Fitness supported their dramatic growth and quickly evolving business.

"If your start-up venture is planning on high-growth, look to Business Fitness as your trusted advisor for cloud-based financial systems." 

Mark Bakken
Managing Partner, HealthX Ventures

What's mediocre in your ERP, time tracking, or expense management system? Let us help you crush mediocrity.

Let’s do it together.

  • Real-time Consulting

    Contact Business Fitness for real-time answers to complex, cloud-ERP questions and receive smart, intelligent answers.

  • Global Experience

    Business Fitness's expertise is applied to firms around the world.

  • Time Tracking and Document Workflow

    Business Fitness are experts at implementing advanced Time Tracking and Document Workflow tools for cloud-based ERP systems.

We have great experience in...

Here are some of many areas we are excellent in and in which we have many experience.

  • 95%
    Workflow documentation
  • 100%
    Time Tracking Automation
  • 75%
    Application Development
  • 85%
    On-site Consulting
  • 65%
    Integrated ERP eCommerce
  • 90%
    Training & education